Quick Links, Resources, and Reference Material

A listing of links to topics within The Anarchy blog and resources for further reading and research.

• The Anarchy Blog – Introduction

• Setting the Scene
– General Overview and The Heptarchy Part I
– Edward the Confessor and the Godwins Part II
– Invasion and Conquest Part III
– The Normans Part IV

• Arms and Armour: Anglo-Norman Warfare
Sword, Lance, and Battle Axe

• Biographies
William I and Matilda of Flanders
William II, Rufus
Henry I, Edith of Scotland, and Adelica of Louvain
King Stephen and Matilda of Boulogne
Empress Matilda and Geoffrey of Anjou
Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Robert of Gloucester and Mabel of Glamorgan
Reginald, 1st Earl of Cornwall and Beatrice FitzRichard
Geoffrey de Mandeville II, 1st Earl of Essex and Rohese de Vere
Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk, Juliane de Vere, and Gundreda
Aubrey de Vere II and Alice FitzRichard de Clare
Brian Fitzcount and Matilda de Wallingford
Miles of Gloucester and Sybil de Neufmarché
Waleran, 1st Earl of Worcester and Robert, 2nd Earl of Leicester
Simon II of St Liz (de Senlis)
King David of Scotland and Matilda, Countess of Huntingdon
Robert D’Oyly and Edith Forne
Eustace, William, and Mary (Marie) of Boulogne
Roger, Bishop of Salisbury
William of Corbeil, Archbishop of Canterbury
Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury
Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester

• The Anarchy
Introduction: The Seeds Are Sown
1135-1138: A Coronation; Unrest Grows; Battle of the Standard
1139: Matilda Comes to Claim her Throne
1141: The Battle of Lincoln (I)
1141: The Battle of Lincoln (II)
1141: The Aftermath – Almost a Queen; Matilda’s Flight from London; The Rout of Winchester
1142-49: Discord Lingers On – Siege of Oxford Castle, Geoffrey de Mandeville, Death of Robert of Gloucester, Henry of Anjou comes to England in 1149
1153-54: A Treaty and Death Comes

• Documents & Extracts
Letter of Pope Innocent II
Historia Ecclesiastica by Orderic Vitalis:
Countess Matilda and Robert, Earl of Gloucester, land at Arundel
The Battle of Lincoln 1141
Gesta Stephani
The Battle of Lincoln 1141

• Addenda
Stephen and the Welsh
Stephen Meddles in Church Affairs

• Trivia & Miscellany
Coins and Seals
M’Lord’s Trivia

• Orderic Vitalis
• Wace
• The Gesta Normannorum Ducum
• Encomium Emmae Reginae
• The Gesta Stephani
• The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
• The Peterborough Chronicle
• Henry of Huntingdon
• William of Newburgh
• The Chronicle of John of Worcester
• William of Malmesbury
• Richard of Hexham
• The British Library
• The British Museum
• Museum of London
• British History Online
• UK Battlefields Resource Centre
• The Society for Medieval Military History
• The Online Medieval & Classical Library
• Arms & Amour of the Medieval Knight
• Medieval Sourcebook (Online)
• The Peerage
• Project Gutenberg
• Google Books

Further Reading:
There are numerous books which specifically deal with the period of The Anarchy and many, many others with references to the years 1135-1154, the reign of King Stephen. Here is just a selection:

• The Anarchy of King Stephen’s reign by Edmund King
• The Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154 by David Crouch
• King Stephen’s Reign (1135-1154) by Paul Dalton, Graeme J. White
• Geoffrey De Mandeville: A Study of The Anarchy by John Horace Round
• The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England by Antonia Fraser


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