Biographies – Geoffrey de Mandeville II

Hmmm … perhaps I should have entitled this post ‘A Rogue’s Gallery’, but please do read on …

• Geoffrey de Mandeville II, 1st Earl of Essex and Rohese de Vere

Geoffrey de Mandeville II
Birth: –
Death: 1144
Burial: Temple Church, London
Father: William de Mandeville
Mother: Margaret, daughter of Eudo de Rie also called Eudo (Dapifer) and Rohese de Clare
Marriage: Rohese de Vere, daughter of Aubrey de Vere II
Ernulf, disinherited, exiled for supporting his father in rebellion
Geoffrey III, 2nd earl of Essex (d.1166)
William II, 3rd earl of Essex and Count of Aumale (d.1189)
Robert (d. c.1189)

It seems Geoffrey was not only a bit of a rogue but that he also took great delight in playing both Stephen and Matilda, The Empress, for fools until he met his demise in 1144. He changed sides and supported either one more than once and his prime objective, at least in the beginning, seems to have been the restoration of his family’s estates which had been seized by Henry I after his father, William de Mandeville, got into trouble and fell foul of the king. He at first supported Stephen who duly made him Earl of Essex in late 1139 or during 1140 and then in 1141 appointed him custodian of the White Tower in London.

He, like many barons, supported Matilda after Stephen’s defeat at the Battle of Lincoln and she reconfirmed his possessions and granted him the Norman lands of his paternal grandfather, Eudo de Rie (Dapifer), and appointed him sheriff of Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London. After Stephen’s release he turned his support back to the King but it must have been short-lived because he rebelled and Stephen confiscated his castles in 1143.

During 1143 and 1144 Geoffrey set up his headquarters in the fen country of East Anglia and used the Isle of Ely and Ramsey Abbey as a base for his rebel operations. From this position it was difficult for Stephen to effectively contain Geoffrey’s activities, although he was eventually besieged by Stephen. Geoffrey died in September 1144, the result of an arrow wound he had received in a skirmish while attacking Burwell Castle in August 1144.

• Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk, Juliane de Vere, and Gundreda

Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk
Birth: 1095
Death: 1177
Father: Roger Bigod
Mother: Alice (Adeliza) de Tosny
Marriage: (1) 1140 Juliane de Vere
Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk
Marriage: (2) Gundreda
Hugh Bigod
William Hugh Bigod

Infamous as the man who swore an oath that Henry I had disinherited his daughter Matilda in favour of Stephen on his deathbed, Hugh Bigod had become heir to his father’s estates in East Anglia after the death of his elder brother, William Bigod, in the White Ship disaster of 1120. Hugh was married twice. His first marriage was to Juliane de Vere, the daughter of Aubrey de Vere II and Alice FitzRichard de Clare, and produced one son, Roger. His second marriage was to Gundreda, the daughter of Roger de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Warwick, which produced two sons, Hugh and William.

Hugh Bigod was another one of the barons who appears to have frequently changed his loyalties between Matilda and Stephen depending on which way he thought ‘the wind was blowing’ in his own best interests.

Actually, I was almost tempted to include Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester, the younger brother of King Stephen, in this post as well because his loyalties and actions toward both his brother and Matilda, The Empress were, at times, questionable as well. However, I’ve decided to include a short biography of him with the other men of the clergy.


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